Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Starry Starry Night”

This past Wednesday and Thursday, National Geographic photographers visited the D. H. Lawrence Ranch.  Unlike most folks, who go to the Ranch during the daylight hours, these photographers trekked up to the Homesteader Cabin after nightfall, when nocturnal animals emerge under the cover of darkness.

The owls and coyotes must have been watching as the photographers set up their tripods around the Lawrence Tree and aimed their cameras skyward, through tangled tree limbs and toward the stars.  Eighty-five years after Georgia O’Keeffe lay back on a carpenter’s bench and got lost in the stars, National Geographic photographers made the journey to see what she saw and record it for the rest of us.  

the Lawrence Tree

I will be writing more about O’Keeffe’s famous painting in weeks to come.  To get a quick lesson and two minutes of splendor, visit this site.

O’Keeffe, “The Lawrence Tree”

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