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Video for D. H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives

As Co-Chair for the D. H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives, I am tasked with bringing positive change to the property.  

If you haven’t been to the Ranch, this video is an excellent introduction.  If you have been there, please take a few minutes to learn more about the history of the property.

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My thanks to Robin Rupe of Volti Subito Productions, Eva Lipton, Geraint Smith, and N. Scott Momaday!

Albuquerque Journal Article on the D. H. Lawrence Ranch

As Co-Chair for the D. H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives, I want to thank Mike Bush and Andrew Stiny of the Albuquerque Journal for this informative and engaging article on the Ranch.

I note that my favorite cat is featured in two of the photographs.   More on the mysterious, portentous cat in a separate post.



Rebirth of the D. H. Lawrence Ranch

On Friday, December 26th, the Santa Fe New Mexican published an article on the D. H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives.

I have been named co-chair of the Ranch Initiatives, along with R. Gary Smith, Associate Director of the Physical Plant Department at UNM.

The purpose of the ranch initiatives is to preserve the legacy of novelist D.H. Lawrence and his wife, Frieda Lawrence. Widely considered one of the most important writers of the twentieth century, the British novelist owned only one piece of property in his lifetime, a 160-acre ranch located some fifteen miles outside of Taos, N.M. which was bequeathed to UNM by Frieda Lawrence. Fundamental to the mission of the ranch initiatives is preservation of the property and historic buildings.

The D. H. Lawrence Ranch Reopens–and the World Takes Note!

The Homesteader's Cabin at the D. H. Lawrence Ranch
The Homesteader’s Cabin at the D. H. Lawrence Ranch
photo by Teddy D. Warner

On July 31st, I received similar e-mail messages from three different friends–Katherine Toy Miller, Bill Haller, and Feroza Jussawalla.  These friends wrote to alert me to an article in the New York Times entitled, “Circle of Artists in Taos.”  Tucked into the “Art and Design” section of the Times, the article begins this way:

The only property owned by the British novelist D. H. Lawrence, which he called Kiowa Ranch, near Taos, N.M., reopened to the public in early July after years of being a shuttered health hazard.

Interested readers will find the complete article is available here.  (Note that you’ll have to first scroll past–or read if you so desire–the article on delicate Chinese albums in order to find the piece that references the Ranch.)

But, the article in the Times is not the first or the last word on the reopening of the Ranch.

A quick search on Google took me to several others.  The most recent appears today in the Los Alamos Daily Post.  West Texas television stations carried the news as well, but for me, anyway, the most startling fact is this one.  On July 31st, three days ago, the Albuquerque Journal carried a short article on the reopening–nothing much, no more than 120 words or so.  But get this:  In the three days since the article appeared, 43,367 people have “liked” the article on Facebook.

Over 43,000 readers of the Albuquerque Journal have signaled the article’s importance by “liking” it.   In just three days!

Those of us who care about the property and who live in the area already know that the credit for the reopening goes to the Taos Community Foundation and the D. H. Lawrence Ranch Alliance.  The Alliance is funding the docent program which will train volunteers to offer tours of the property.  This class is being offered through UNM Taos, and potential docents can find more information here.

I’ll be writing more about the D. H. Lawrence Ranch in coming weeks.   For now, I’ll simply thank the Taos Community Foundation and all those in Taos who made the reopening possible.  Bravo!

by Teddy Warner

photo by Teddy Warner