Goose Tarot at the Rail Yard Market

Only a few weeks back, I gave my first readings, tarot readings, that is.  My foray into fortunetelling came at the Associated Writing Programs in Minneapolis–and it was a shameless promotional ploy that worked quite well.   What I learned is that I am not half bad as a card reader.  Sharon at AWP

Now, I am intrigued by others who dabble in the tarot.  This past weekend, my family and I went to the farmer’s market in downtown Albuquerque.  There, I met a gentleman who gives readings with the help of his goose, Princess Esmeralda.  She wasn’t much help to him on this particular occasion.  Most often, she slept through the excitement!  But I was fascinated by the man who kept his bird tucked up under his free hand.  See her there, neck dangling?Goose Tarot

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